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Jul 3, 2018

The TCJA’s Impact on estate planning

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’s (TCJA’s) significant changes to income taxes have received a lot of attention, and with good reason. The new law also altered gift an... Read More

Jun 25, 2018

Key deadlines for businesses and other employers in the Third Quarter

There are three main tax-related deadlines affecting businesses and other employers during the third quarter of 2018: July 31st, August 10th, and September 17th.   ... Read More

Jun 5, 2018

Sizing up New Deduction for Pass-Through Entities

The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) creates a brand-new deduction for pass-through entities, designed to provide a balance to corporations benefiting from tax rate cuts. Bu... Read More

May 24, 2018

Four Key Changes for Depreciation Deductions

The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 is designed to stimulate business growth by cutting corporate tax rates and enhancing tax benefits for acquiring business property... Read More

Apr 17, 2018

Tax Reform: Benefits for Individual Taxpayers

  Hi, I’m Tammy Ordway, Director of Entrepreneurial Services, with Faw Casson, and today I’m going to discuss with you the Jobs Act (2017 Tax Cuts and ... Read More

Mar 13, 2018

Using the IRS Withholding Calculator and the new Form W-4

  On February 28th, the IRS released the Withholding Calculator and new Form W-4. Employees are encouraged to go on the IRS website and use the calculator to fin... Read More

Feb 28, 2018

Do You Have to File a Gift-Tax Return?

Did you make gifts to family members in 2017? As long as the gifts did not exceed the limits for the annual gift-tax exclusion, you should have no federal gift-tax worries. ... Read More

Feb 26, 2018

Tricky Tax Rule for Itemized Deductions

Can you deduct the full amount of your itemized deductions on your 2017 tax return? Under current law, deductions are reduced for certain upper-income taxpayers under the &l... Read More

Feb 13, 2018

Overview of the New Tax Reform Law

The historic new tax reform law—the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA)—was finally signed into law by President Trump on December 22, 2017. This massive overhaul of th... Read More

Feb 6, 2018

TCJA temporarily lowers medical expense deduction threshold

With rising health care costs, claiming whatever tax breaks related to health care that you can is more important than ever. But there’s a threshold for deducting medi... Read More

Jan 24, 2018

Do I Need A CPA?

Jan 16, 2018

7 Steps for Tax Season

One sure sign that spring is coming: It is time to prepare to file your annual tax return. You can alleviate some of the usual stress if you have your 2017 return professional... Read More

Dec 20, 2017

Tax Reform Update

YOU BRING THE QUESTIONS.   WE’LL BRING THE COFFEE.   Get all of your questions about how the tax reform bill will impact your business answered. ... Read More

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