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Judy Diogo

We were absolutely amazed at how easy it was for Faw Casson to come in our office and take over our entire accounts payable system. They are professional, reliable, and knowledgeable. They have saved us not just a great deal of money, but also a great deal of time and when you have a small staff time is a priceless commodity!

Alan Kovitz

The Faw Casson Entrepreneurial Services group provides me, a small business owner, with customized services that make my life easier. I have been allowed to focus on what is important to me - growing my business. They handle all of the things that I don't like doing and allow me to take care of what I do best. I would not be where I am without their help!

Cameron Llewellyn


In addition to Faw Casson's invaluable help with QuickBooks implementation and support, their assistance with strategic tax planning and strategy has proven to be invaluable to Tidemark Construction.

Evans & Dana Armantrading

Faw Casson and the Entrepreneurial Services team saved me from serious tax problems. When I was referred to Tammy Ordway of Faw Casson, from one of their existing clients, I was struggling with my taxes and very disorganized. I knew how to do my craft of helping people become healthy, but bookkeeping, account management, estimate tax return, and vendor 1099s were not my expertise. Faw Casson helped me organize the chaos and taught me ways to maximize the tax laws as an entrepreneur. Now our books are clean, we stay current on our taxes, we plan for future taxes, and every year Tammy Ordway does a entrepreneurial tax class for my business team. We are so grateful for the partnership with Faw Casson which allows us to confidently serve our clients without concern if we are compliant with tax law. I refer everyone I know to Faw Casson because they are best!

Brooke Kinney

Principal, Thermo, FBK Medical Tubing

Transitioning from working with a single principal at a different accounting firm for years to the team approach at Faw Casson, I found myself pleasantly surprised. Their efficiency in working in a way where each team member is able to focus on specific areas has been an asset to my business. Alison Houck has been able to communicate with our bank, explaining sophisticated financials to them. Normally, this would be a situation in which I would have to become involved, costing me time and resources, but she was able to explain the situation and get everyone back on course swiftly. Brian Stetina is a sharp, out-of-the-box thinker who has shown us the benefits that can be obtained with proper tax planning. I like knowing that if I need help, and someone is attending to another client, I have more than one person there who knows my business and can provide support promptly.

Erin Thwaites


"Tammy Ordway with Faw Casson has been an asset to my small business since we opened in 2008. I appreciate that she has takes the time to ensure I grasp all accounting and tax planning we do. Her assistance in inventory management and many other aspects of my unique circumstance has been invaluable. With her guidance I have been able to make pointed decisions to maximize profits and minimize losses."

David J. Weidman, Esquire

In my practice as a civil trial lawyer, I need the best experts to provide me with candid advice regarding the strengths and weaknesses of my cases, and to assist me with preparing for trials. In the field of accounting, there is no one better than Lauren Harper to provide me with that expertise. Lauren is extremely focused, smart, and diligent. She also has the rare ability to explain very complex issues in a manner that is understandable. Her presentation is impeccable. I am fortunate to have such a consummate professional available to compliment my law practice.

Brett McCrea


I opened my business in 2009. The very day we opened, Faw Casson was with us. Whether it was Jennings Hastings or Brian Stetina, they have helped me keep the books in order, prepare taxes, and advised me about the tax implications of purchases. They were also instrumental in our initial corporate formation that saved us unnecessary tax levies for the years to come. In addition to these functions, my business has the potential to spin off other businesses if I so choose. My first call was to Faw Casson as to how to corporately structure the potential for other businesses and subsequent financial interactions of those different corporate entities. Faw Casson can also do business valuations of varying level of complexities and, if needed, they are well known and respected for their forensic accounting abilities. The best way to describe the Faw Casson is that they remove a myriad of tax and corporate blind spots to optimize fiscal discipline within your company. It may sound cliché, however, Faw Casson is large enough to handle the very large clients but small enough for a managing partner to take whatever time was necessary to help a very small business owner (like me). They are a wealth of knowledge in their area of expertise and the state of the art in accounting. Simply put, part of the reason we are who we are today is due to the advice and assistance of Faw Casson. If you elect to use this company, there will be no regrets.

Laura Willis

Willis Law, LLC

My husband and I have worked with Tammy Ordway and Brian Stetina and their associates, and have been thoroughly pleased with their professionalism, transparency, courtesy, and responsiveness. They deliver first-rate accounting services, and we're fortunate to have them in Dover. Recently, I opened my own law firm. Tammy helped me navigate the process, and took a lot of the accounting headaches, and consequent anxiety, off my plate. She offers so much more than tax counseling--she takes a holistic approach to your business and really invests in helping you make it a success. I am thrilled to have a fellow entrepreneur on my side as I grow my business, and I look forward to working with Faw Casson for many years.

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