Faw Casson


Thomas J. Protack

Vice President of Development

It is a pure joy to have Alison Houck's strong leadership, great vision and excellent organizational skills as an active member of the Board of Ambassadors for the Beebe Medical Foundation. Alison has served in many roles and capacities over the years chairing events and leading teams of volunteers at our signature events, especially the Annual Beebe Ball and most recently our 100th Anniversary Celebrations. As a proud Beebe baby, she is always willing to share her enthusiasm with others to help raise awareness and funds for Beebe Healthcare. She leads by example and is a member of our Loyalty Society, donating annually to our 1916 Leadership Club. Alison is always willing to help, offer keen insights and participates actively in all of our Beebe Medical Foundation meetings and events. Her expertise and strong sense of our community has helped the Foundation grow. She is a true servant leader, leading by example to her family and her Faw Casson Family. We are grateful for her support and the strong sponsorship support of Faw Casson over the years.

Jayme Hayes

President, Junior Achievement of the Eastern Shore

Chad Vent took the position of Worcester County Chairman of Junior Achievement of the Eastern Shore four years ago in 2013. During his tenure he has overseen the expansion of our county from 24 programs and 500 students in 2013-14, to our current school year projections of 80 programs and 1,400 students. Under Chad's passionate leadership, Junior Achievement has also reached a milestone in the 2016-17 school year, in which we will be teaching at least one grade level of our programs in each elementary school in Worcester County. Chad's dedication to Junior Achievement's three pillars of financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship education has contributed not only to the growth and strength of Junior Achievement, but greatly impacted the youth of Worcester County.

Laura Catherine Rimmer

Development, Regional Coordinator, Lower Delaware Children & Families First

As a not for profit social service organization, Children & Families First relies on the generous investment of individuals, corporations, businesses and organizations to ensure our programs are available to all who need us. Alison Houck has played an integral and priceless role in expanding the awareness and funding opportunities for us throughout Sussex and Kent County. Giving generously of her personal time, Alison sits on our statewide Board of Directors, guiding policy, financial soundness and strategy for the agency as a whole; as well as acts as Chairperson for the Sussex-Kent Development Committee, spearheading all of the outreach and fundraising efforts for CFF in lower Delaware. Her expertise, professionalism, unstoppable energy and commitment to our mission continues to be one of the most powerful driving forces behind our vision of communities where children are nurtured; individuals are valued; and families are strong and self-sufficient being realized. We are remarkably lucky to have Alison advocating for us because she has proven time and time again, she will go the extra mile, she will never back down and she will inspire those around her to follow her lead.

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