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Regina Montagna, CPA


“I find it rewarding when I am able to help a client save money on taxes, plan for their business or just get a firmer understanding of how everything fits together.”

Regina is the person tax experts turn to when they have questions. Having been a team member for many years, she has firmly established herself as the premier source of tax knowledge within our firm. In the rare instance that Regina doesn’t know the answer, you can rest assured that she will employ every tactic in her vast arsenal to unearth the answers.
Regina is a reserved person, calmly masking an unbendable inner strength. She will quietly listen to every facet of any problem and internally formulate the perfect solution. You won’t ever get an answer from Regina that hasn’t been carefully researched and analyzed from many different angles. She doesn’t rest until the client has the strategy to resolve the problem at hand.
You won’t ever find a more kind and loyal person than Regina, whether it is to her clients, our firm, or her faith. Regina is one of the most principled people you will ever meet. With her strong moral character, our clients know that she keeps their best interests at hear and their privacy intact.
Core Specializations
Regina loves visiting with family and friends. She ensures that, no matter how busy life gets, they make time to catch up with each other and stay involved in each other’s lives. She enjoys unwinding from a long day by sitting down and getting caught up in the pages of a great mystery, and helps make sure others have access to books while volunteering with the Friends of Selbyville Library.

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