Not for Profit Accounting

Accounting Services for Not for Profits

As someone tasked with running a Not for Profit entity you have a lot of weight on your shoulders.   Not only do you have a responsibility to the organization to keep it running smoothly and fulfilling the mission, but you also have a responsibility to the Board to keep them informed.
Isn’t it time you had a nonprofit accountant to help you with all that responsibility?
Faw Casson specializes in helping nonprofits stay organized and “audit ready”.  Our nonprofit accounting team can provide you with comprehensive financial reports that will give your Board an accurate snapshot to make decisions and steer your organization into the future.   In addition, having an outside, reputable accountant handle your financials will add a layer of control to the organization and send the message to your donors that you are handling their gift responsibly.
If extra assurance or reporting is required, we offer financial statement services (audit, compilation and reviews).  This includes single audits performed in accordance with Uniform Guidance, (formerly OMB Circular A-133, for organizations spending over $750K of Federal Funds per year.
We offer:
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Bill pay services
  • Internal control strategies
  • Budget preparation
  • Financial Reporting
  • Event Analytics
  • Financial Statement services (Audits, Compilations and Reviews)
  • Single Audits in accordance with Uniform Guidance (formerly OMB Circular A-133).
  • 403(b) benefit plan audits
Faw Casson is committed to help you get there in the best position possible.
Have us evaluate your possibilities today. Together we will chart your course for growth, success and compliance management.

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