New Jobs Creation Credit

At Faw Casson we are intent on staying current on tax laws so our clients never pay more in income taxes than required.   Focusing on tax planning and tax strategy, our specialists will help guide the strategies of your business to decrease tax liability.
One of the most beneficial of the Delaware tax credits is the New Jobs Creation Credit (NJCC).   This state tax credit is a tax incentive from the State of Delaware, rewarding companies that are growing and expanding and in doing so creating more jobs for our local workforce.
Do you have a growing business that has added new employees in the last few years, purchased equipment, improved your land or buildings, or remodeled your office?   There are many ways to improve your business that qualify for the DE state tax credit, and you may be able to qualify with or without the addition of employees.
We have been getting this credit for our clients for over 20 years, and that is just the beginning.  In 2010 we formed a coalition and successfully lobbied the Delaware Legislature to retain it when it was scheduled to sunset in 2011.  Knowing that our clients have received over $13,000,000 in tax savings, we wanted to assure it continues helping growing Delaware businesses.

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