With taxpayers demanding more for their money, governments are finding they must operate more efficiently.  Faw Casson helps governmental entities and agencies of all sizes and types accomplish exactly that.  In addition to traditional auditing and accounting services, we provide a long list of management, control and reporting services.  Not only do we assure compliance with municipal and finance rules, regulations and laws, we also advise on accounting standards, budgeting, performance audits, tax rate management, capital project planning and more.  Our fiscal management expertise can help you identify and solve problems, operate more efficiently, and establish a progressive financial vision to increase value for your community.

Knowledgeable on issues of concern to governmental entities, school districts and agencies of all sizes, we can assist you with:

Financial applications of municipal and finance law
  • Cash and treasury management
  • Accounting system selection and implementation
  • Financial and single audits
  • Payroll management
  • Quarterly overview of accounting and bookkeeping systems
  • Tax rate management
  • Financial and economic feasibility studies, including capital project planning
  • Service efforts and accomplishments
  • Performance audits