Faw Casson’s Information Portal
December 6, 2012
As you may be aware, last year Faw Casson implemented the use of an internet based file transfer site. This site is a secure, web based portal that allows us to exchange electronic information with or on behalf of our clients. The site offers added convenience for our clients, as the site is available 24/7 from anywhere the internet is accessible. Because the file transfer site is the simplest and most secure way to provide information, we continue to move towards utilizing the portal as our primary means to provide electronic copies of sensitive documents, such as information for e-filing purposes or copies of tax returns or financial statements. If you do not yet have a secure login for the site, need assistance with your existing login information, or if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact either our Dover or Ocean City office. You can access the site on our website, http://fawcasson.com/, by clicking the link in the lower right hand corner.