Quickbooks Scams Circulating
July 20, 2015
Another reason to remain vigilant regarding whom you're giving your information to - new versions of Quickbooks scams have recently been reported.  
One version that we're aware of involves finding a phone number for Quickbooks support via the internet.  This number appears to be on a legitimate website for Quickbooks, but when dialed the caller is prompted for credit card information for what is supposed to be a free support call.  Please remember that Faw Casson has several Quickbooks ProAdvisors on staff that are happy to help you, or assure that you're using the official Quickbooks site to obtain support information. 
A second scam is being initiated via email.  QuickBooks ProAdvisors are receiving emails that indicate that their certification has expired and they are up for automatic renewal, but their credit card information kept on file is invalid/expired.  They are prompted to call immediately with new information to prevent a lapse in their licensing.  The emails appear to come directly from QuickBooks, even including the official QuickBooks ProAdvisor logo. 
We encourage you to contact QuickBooks through their official page and confirm any requests for personal information or membership renewal.