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Tax planning is key in reducing your business's tax bill. Develop your strategic plan with us today.

What does your road map to success look like? Our business consultants know how to create a plan to move you towards your vision of the future.

Do you have big plans for your business? Find out how our Entrepreneurial Services division can get you there.

At Faw Casson we use our clients' success as a measure of our own. Find out what we do differently here.
Your Success is Our Business.
We bring to the table years of experience and perspective. Our advice in such areas as strategic planning, financial forecasting, and information systems, to name a few, produce results specifically designed to enhance your operations.
Prior to undertaking major business decisions, our clients draw upon our resources, skills and technology to assist in the planning process. We participate as business advisors and members of the financial team throughout the entire cycle of change. Our role evolves as we provide insights and recommendations, followed by strategic and operational plans. We continue our active role in partnership with our clients throughout the implementation process.  Contact us today to see why so many Delaware and Maryland businesses depend on us for their accounting needs.
Offices in Dover, Delaware, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and Ocean City, Maryland.

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Brett McCrea,

I opened 16 Mile in 2009. The very day we opened, Faw Casson was with us. Whether it was Jennings Hastings or Brian Stet...
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