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Stephen G. Black, CPA


“There’s nothing more satisfying than connecting with our clients and knowing that you truly helped them.”

.Steve has been a part of the Faw Casson team since 2015 and working in the accounting industry since 1973.  He graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting. 
As a Supervisor at Faw Casson he shares his extensive knowledge gleaned from years in the industry to help put our clients in the best tax positions possible.  He has earned a reputation for being methodical and detail oriented, assuring that every tax situation gets the same attention, from a small shop on the corner to large corporations.
With his positive attitude and humor, he easily puts people at ease.  Our younger staff often go to him for guidance, knowing that his skill, combined with his relaxed demeanor, will be an excellent environment for a learning experience. 
“Some time ago, I received a call from a client who was worried about a tax issue they were facing. I answered their questions and reassured them that they had nothing to worry about. We chatted a bit and they ended the conversation with “Thank you, Steve, I am so glad we talked.” That quote has stuck with me ever since. It reminds me of the positive influence we can have in the lives of our clients and motivates me to try to make every client “glad we talked”.”

Core Specializations

  • Strategic Tax Planning
  • Business Consulting
  •  Business Start-ups


Steve likes to keep it interesting in his time away from the office.  You can find him doing everything from testing his knowledge at local trivia nights with friends, taking day trips to explore Delmarva or even honing his Photoshop skills.  He participates in a golf league during the summer and on chill nights, he likes to relax to a good true crime show.

Stephen Black; Maryland accountant, maryland CPA,

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