Filing Deadline Changes for W-2s and 1099-MISC
December 29, 2016
There have been some important filing deadline changes for employers who issue W-2s to employees, and 1099-MISC forms which report non-employee compensation. For the 2016 filing year, the deadline for submission of both W-2s and 1099-MISCs is January 31st. In the past, employers have had until the end of February to send these forms to the IRS. This applies to both mailed and electronically filed forms. This means that now not only are these forms required to be issued to the employees and subcontractors, but you will also need to file your W-3, Federal Copy A,  and Form 1096 with the federal government by     JANUARY 31, 2017. Start planning now to ensure you are ready to meet this earlier deadline. Some ways to be proactive prior to year-end:
  • Verifying employees’ mailing addresses and personal information.
  • Verifying contractors’ Form W-9s are complete and accurate.
  • Contacting your payroll provider or in-house payroll administrator to ensure they are aware of the new filing deadline and determining who will be responsible for getting the forms to the SSA by January 31st.
If you have any questions or concerns, such as who should be receiving 1099s, please contact us for further information.

Other Deadline changes to note:

Tax Return Reminders—The due date for filing partnership tax returns has moved to March 15, while the deadline for C corporations has changed to April 15. (Deadlines are pushed out to the next business day for holidays and weekends.) The changes take effect for 2016 returns.